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  • $599.00
    • HomeProfessional series
    • With 4 special options
    • Express wash
    • VarioPerfect: provides option for speed or energy efficiency
    • EcoSilence Drive
    • AntiVibration drum system
    • Automatic stabilisation
    • Foam detection with additional rinse cycle
    • Self cleaning detergent drawer
    • End of cycle signal
    • LCD clear text display
    • Illuminated control dial with integrated on / off mode
    • Large 32cm wide porthole
    • Very quiet operation
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  • $675.00

    ● Programmes: Cottons, Mix, Easy Care, Delicates/Silk, Wool, Jeans/Dark Wash, Rinse, Drum Clean, Quilt/Duvet, DownWear, Shirts/Blouses, AllergyPlus, Sportswear, Super 15’/30′
    ● EcoSilence Drive™ friction-free motor minimises heat and wear for long-lasting performance, quiet operation and perfect wash results.
    ● VarioPerfect™: high performance programmes which allows you to clean your laundry with up to 50% less energy or reduce cleaning time by up to 65%
    ● VarioDrum’s breakthrough wave-droplet design provides a thorough yet gentle clean for fine textiles
    ● ActiveWater™ Plus: resource efficient water management system
    ● Anti-Vibration Side Panels helps reduce vibrations and noise levels, making it extremely quiet during the spin cycle
    ● Reload function to pause machine operation for adding forgotten laundry items
    ● Time delay to select end of time of your wash (1-24 hours) and time remaining indicator

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  • $425.00
    • 15 Wash programs
    • 4 Special options
    • VarioSoft® drum system
    • Foam detection with additional rinse cycle
    • Pump protector
    • Self-cleaning detergent dispenser
    • Child lock
    • Time delay start
    • Time remain indicator
    • End of program signal
    • LED display with touch control buttons
    • AquaSecure™ anti-flood protection
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  • $379.00
    • Avantixx series
    • 15 Washing programs
    • Automatic load adjustment
    • Reload function
    • Anti vibration design
    • Foam detection with additional rinse cycle
    • Program safety lock
    • Child lock
    • Time delay
    • End of cycle indicator
    • LED display
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  • Original price was: $1,199.00.Current price is: $599.00.
      • Add wash function
      • Auto detergent dispenser
      • 8″ LCD touchscreen
      • Wi-fi connectivity
      • Smart check
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  • $380.00

    Super quick 15 is a convenient method of freshening up light-solied laundry in 15 minutes
    ActiveWater™ technology reduces the amount of water used for more cost savings
    SpeedPerfect frees up your time by getting your laundry done by up to 65% quicker
    VarioDrum’s unique structure is tough on stains but gentle on clothes
    AntiVibration Design: more stability and quietness
    Foam detection system
    Self-cleaning detergent drawer
    LED display with push-button controls for spin speed management and time delay
    Large porthole with 165 degree opening door for easy loading and unloading

    Other Wash Programs:
    Silk Program
    Super 15/30 minutes Quick Wash Program
    Easy-Care Program
    Mixed Fabrics Program
    Darkwash Program
    Rinse/Freshen Up
    Drum Clean

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  • $649.00
      •  i-Dos™ intelligent dosing system automatically and accurately dispenses liquid detergent for water and detergent savings
      • ● EcoProjection provides information on how much energy and water will be used for a selected program
      • ● VarioPerfect™ allows you to set most programs to be quicker or more efficient with the SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect functions
      • ● EcoSilence Drive™ makes this machine extremely energy efficient and quiet in operation
      • ● ActiveWater system automatically recognises the load and ensures that only the required amount of water is used
    • ● Anti-Vibration side panels reduce vibrations and ensure greater stability
    • Automatic dosing
    Auto Load Sensing
    Delay Start
    Time Remaining Display
      • <
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  • $699.00
    • Brushless, quiet and energy-efficient EcoSilence Drive motor.
    • VarioPerfect allows you to toggle between SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect wash modes on most programs.
    • Droplet-shaped drum structure and size of the paddles ensure faster and more even water distribution.
    • Reload function lets you easily add or remove clothes during wash cycles – providing the suds are not hotter than 50°C or the water level is not too high.
    • Side wall design provides greater stability and less vibration while enhanced insulation regulates noise levels.
    • SpeedPerfect can be used in combination wight most programs to reduce washing time by up to 65-percent.
    • Dark Wash program perfectly suited for dark coloured fabrics and denim.
    • Drum Clean reminder function flashes after more than 20 washes, indicating when a drum clean is required.
    • Short wash program of approximately 15 minutes for up to 20kg of lightly soiled washing or 30 minutes for up to 3.5kg.
    • ActiveWater Plus load sensing technology that adapts the water flow automatically for the relevant load size.
    • Time delay of 1-24 hours.
    • Aqua Protection Plus anti-flood protection with self-sealing hose minimises the risk of flooding.
    • Child lock for door and buttons.
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