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    • Inverter heat pump technology
    • Woolmark Blue certification
    • OptiSense auto program
    • Inverter motor
    • Silk and wool program
    • Extra quick program
    • ProTex drum
    • Reverse tumbling drum action
    • XXL double glazed door
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  • $450.00
    • ● Auto-sensing
    • ● Large, reversible door
    • ● Reverse tumble action
    • ● Special refresh program
    • ● No venting required
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  • $649.00

    Auto Off
    Ultimate Care Heat Pump System
    Rapid 38 minute cycle for a small load
    Woolmark Blue Certified
    Special programs for easy iron
    Easy to install condenser drying system
    Reversing tumble action

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  • $475.00

    The Fisher and Paykel 8kg Front Load Dryer features 5 dryness settings, auto sensing, wrinkle guard option and smart intuitive controls to ensure that you get the perfect fresh clean and warm clothes out of the dryer.

    • 11 Dry Cycles
    • Condensing Drying
    • 5 Dryness Levels / 4 Temp Settings
    • Keylock / Delay Start
    • Reverse Tumble (Wrinkle Free)
    • Auto-sensing detects moisture level
    • 3 Dryness Levels / 4 Temperature Settings
    • Keylock / Delay Start
    • Reverse Tumbling / Wrinkle Free Option
    • Drum Interior Light
    Number of Programs
    11 Programs
    Air Dry
    Easy Iron Dry
    Refresh Dry
    Time Dry


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  • Original price was: $1,799.00.Current price is: $1,000.00.

    ● Delay start 5, 15, 30 mins, 1-12 hours

    ● Drum Interior Light

    ● Easy access lint filter

    ● End of cycle signal

    ● Extra large door

    ● Keylock

    ● Lint filter indicator

    ● Progress indicator

    ● Safety restart switch

    ● SmartTouch Control Dial

    ● Stainless steel drum

    ● Time to go indicator

    • ● Wrinkle free option

    Auto Sensing LED Display Time delay Anti Crease Sensor Dry Lockable Control Panel

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  • $699.00

    1 Year Warranty

    8 Star energy efficiency rating

    Auto Dry

    Ion Refresh easily remove odours from the clothes

    Quick Dry program

    ConnectLife App Control

    Reversible Door

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  • $675.00

    9 Star energy efficiency rating

    Drying rack included

    3 Year warranty

    15 Drying programs

    Pause to add feature

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  • $799.00

    1 Year Warranty

    Auto Dry
    Built-in high-precision sensors that continuously monitor residual moisture and temperature.

    Ion Refresh
    Negatively charged ions penetrate deep into clothes to easily remove odours from the clothes keeping them feeling and smelling fresh.

    ConnectLife App Control
    Dryer Wizard helps create the perfect program for your wash. Monitor your water and energy efficiency.

    Quick Dry 30′
    Quick Dry 30’ is a drying program that saves you both time and energy.

    Reversible Door
    Choose to have your dryer​ be either left or right-opening to suit ​the needs of your unique space.

    Key Features

    9 Star energy efficiency rating

    Auto Dry

    Ion Refresh easily remove odours from the clothes

    Quick Dry program

    ConnectLife App Control

    Reversible Door

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  • $499.00

    Glass door type
    Intelligent drying system
    Lint filter
    Sensors: Temperature, Moisture, Door open
    Time delay: 1~ 19 hrs
    Interior drum light
    Stainless steel drum
    Status indicator
    Clean filter indicator
    Crease care
    Favourite program
    Variable dry level: Iron, Light, Standard, Very & Extra

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  • $699.00

    8kg Capacity
    Tag On – NFC (Near Field Communication)
    7 Star Energy Rating
    Stainless Steel Drum
    9 LED Interior Light
    6 Sensors
    Time Remaining Display
    Time Delay

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  • $1,099.00
    • Super Efficient 9 Star Energy Rating
    • inverter compressor
    • Durable Stainless Steel Drum
    • Auto Clean Condenser – Helps Maintain Performance
    • Remotely Monitor with ThinQ® (Wi-Fi)
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  • $699.00
    • Heat Pump Hybrid Dryer – Eco Mode & Speed Mode
    • Super Efficiency Rating 7 Star in Eco Mode
    • 9kg Capacity
    • Stainless Steel Drum
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Buy Cheap Heat Pump Dryer from Go Get Appliances

Have you ever considered how a Heat Pump Dryer Machine may improve your life? Energy-efficient dryers from Go Get Appliances come with Heat Pump functionality to guarantee that you get the best results while saving money on your utility bills. Dryers can take some of the stress out of washing laundry with our heat pump technology.

It operates as a closed-loop device, heating the air and utilizing it to reduce the moisture content from the garments, then reusing the heated air after the moisture has been removed.

Here are some of the best benefits of a Heat Dryer Machine:

  • It’s beneficial for your health and the overall cleanliness of your house.

It’s difficult and time-consuming to air dry your clothes inside, particularly if you have a big family. In addition, the current study suggests that it may increase the risk of allergies, asthma, and hay fever by increasing the moisture levels in the air. Having dust mites in your house is something that no one likes to deal with.

  • It’s convenient if you don’t have a yard

To dry your laundry in a tiny city apartment with no outside area, you may have to hang your garments on every radiator, curtain rail, and door in the house! So, a heat pump dryer machine is a good idea for your house.

  • You’re not counting on the weather for your washing.

Pump dryers are the more trustworthy option since the weather in the UK is more difficult to forecast, particularly in the fall and winter months. Plus, drying things outdoors still takes a long time, which is not ideal if you need to wash and dry goods at the last minute.

  • Protection against over-drying and gentle treatment of the fabric.

When you put your clothing in the dryer, and they shrink a few sizes, it might be irritating. The AutoDry function in the heat pump dryer machine uses clever sensors to assess the warmth and residual humidity levels of your washing load in the barrel and automatically ends the drying program when your laundry is dry.

  • Programs for many sorts of cloth are available.

One of the most important rules of dry cleaning is that each cloth should be handled individually. Because cotton can resist greater drying temperatures than synthetic materials, it is often used for upholstery and athletics. When it comes to drying your clothes, heat pump dryer machines are the best in the business thanks to their specialized drying programs. The “Low Heat” option and the three “Fine Adjust” settings give you even more control over the drying process.

Buy now at Go Get Appliances at very affordable prices.