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  • $375.00
    • 205L Top Mount fridge
    • 3-star energy rating
    • Electronic temperature control
    • Frost free freezer
    • LED lighting
    • Multi Air Flow system
    • Recessed door handle
    • Adjustable front legs
    • Rolling back castors
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  • Original price was: $1,699.00.Current price is: $899.00.

    7 Energy Star Rating

    Inverter Technolog

    Metal-Tech Cooling

    PureFlat Design

    Reversible Door

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  • $389.00

    Doing the dishes has never been so simple and easy with the Hisense 14 Place-setting Pure Wash Series Dishwasher!

    • Load even more – Accommodate even the largest pots and pans with the highly adaptable and flexible bottom basket. Even the cutlery tray is collapsible!
    • Cleaning Performance – Packed with a wide variety of washing programs and functions dirty dishes are no match for this dishwasher.
    • Dry+ – Moisture be gone! This additional function uses a higher temperature final rinse, ensuring you’ll get excellent drying results every time.
    • Easy to use – Touch control and loads of great programs and functions make getting your dishes washed, hassle free.
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  • $475.00

    1 Year Warranty

    1400 RPM max spin speed

    4.5 Star energy and 4.5 star water efficiency rating

    Quick wash modes

    14 Wash programs

    Pause and add feature

    Child lock

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  • $699.00

    1 Year Warranty

    8 Star energy efficiency rating

    Auto Dry

    Ion Refresh easily remove odours from the clothes

    Quick Dry program

    ConnectLife App Control

    Reversible Door

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  • $799.00

    1 Year Warranty

    Auto Dry
    Built-in high-precision sensors that continuously monitor residual moisture and temperature.

    Ion Refresh
    Negatively charged ions penetrate deep into clothes to easily remove odours from the clothes keeping them feeling and smelling fresh.

    ConnectLife App Control
    Dryer Wizard helps create the perfect program for your wash. Monitor your water and energy efficiency.

    Quick Dry 30′
    Quick Dry 30’ is a drying program that saves you both time and energy.

    Reversible Door
    Choose to have your dryer​ be either left or right-opening to suit ​the needs of your unique space.

    Key Features

    9 Star energy efficiency rating

    Auto Dry

    Ion Refresh easily remove odours from the clothes

    Quick Dry program

    ConnectLife App Control

    Reversible Door

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  • $699.00

    Pure Flat Design

    Inverter Technology

    4.5 star energy rating

    Multi-function Touch Control Panel

    Soft Interior LED Light

    Super Freeze/Cool

    Holiday Power-saving Function

    Counter Depth

    Twist icemaker

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  • $1,799.00

    1 Year Warranty

    InstaView Door-in-Door
    With two quick knocks on the sleek glass panel, see inside and check for your everyday items, favourite snacks and beverages without opening the door, preventing cold air from escaping and keeping food fresher for longer.

    Craft Ice Maker
    Automatically make slow-melting round ice at home without the work. Entertain like a baller and keep drinks ice cold for the long haul.

    UVnano® Water Dispenser
    The UV LED light built into the water dispenser automatically reduces up to 99.99%* of bacteria from the water nozzle. Clean the nozzle without lifting a finger. The UV Nano feature cleans inside of the water nozzle automatically for 10 minutes every hour.

    Lab tested at TÜV Rheinland using internal methods of measuring reduction of E. coli, S. aureus and P. aeruginosa in distilled water samples after exposure to the product’s UV LED for 10 minutes each hour, after a total of 24 hours in normal household use. The product does not treat or cure health-related conditions.

    Plumbed Ice and Water Dispenser
    Be a boss, and never need to fill the water jug, or ice tray again. Keep everyone topped up with water and ice straight from the door.

    Pure N Fresh
    Minimise fridge odours with this air filtration system. A fan actively forces odours through the carbon deodoriser and re-circulates the treated air.

    Cold air surrounds your food from both the front and back for effective cooling – quickly reducing the temperature of those items stored at the front of the fridge and helping keep food fresher for longer.

    FRESHBalancer helps you keep your fruits and veggies at the peak of freshness. The hexagonal structure retains moisture, while the sliding controls allow you to select the ideal humidity setting optimal for fruits or vegetables.

    Wine Rack
    Handy Wine Rack helps to keep bottles organised and your shelves in order.

    Utility Box
    Keep smaller items in plain sight. The Utility Box drawer allows quick access to frequently used items.

    LG ThinQ®
    With a compatible smartphone and LG ThinQ® app you can remotely adjust your fridge settings, so you’re ready to accommodate the latest grocery run.*
    *Compatible smartphone with Android 4.1.2 (JellyBean) or later or iOS 9 or later required for LG ThinQ® app. Phone and Home Wi-Fi Data connections require. Smart features and voice assistant product may vary by country and model. Check with your local retailer or LG for service availability. Voice-enabled smart speaker device is not included.

    Inverter Linear Compressor

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  • $1,699.00
    • Refreshing Plumbed Ice and Water Dispenser
    • UVnano® Water Dispenser with built-in UV LED light
    • A fresh approach with Multi Air Flow
    •  Inverter Linear Compressor


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  • $799.00
    • Intelligent Clothing Care with AI Technology
    • Reduce Allergens with Steam Cycles
    • Outstanding Wash with 6 Motion Wash Technology
    • Remotely Start and Monitor Wash Progress with ThinQ®
    • Pause and Add Items
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  • $899.00

    1 year warranty


    Fabric Care
    AI DD® technology optimises motions based on weight & fabric type.*

    Powerful & Fast Wash
    TurboClean3D™ offers a thorough clean in 40 minute*

    Intelligent Control
    The Auto Arrange Program memorises your previous wash cycles.*

    Quiet Performer
    The dampers in conjunction with the sensor help to deliver a quiet wash.

    Intelligent Care
    Automatically optimise motion based on the weight and fabric type in each load.

    Reduce exposure to allergens with the Allergy Care Cycle with Steam+™
    Select the ‘Allergy Care Cycle with Steam+™ to open up fibres and assist in reducing exposure to common household allergens such as house dust mite, pollen allergen and bacteria.

    Creates Personalised Laundry Options Based on Your Usage
    Personalised laundry options are created based on your washing patterns. The Auto Arrange Program memorises your previous wash cycles.

    Powerful & Fast Washing
    Make more time in your day for what matters most. The TurboClean3D™ feature combines WaveForce™, TurboDrum™ and Jetspray water movement technology to wash small, lightly soiled cotton loads in 40 minutes

    An Optimal Way to Wash
    6 washing motions powered by the Inverter Direct Drive Motor™ create 6 optimised cycles to wash fabric.

    Hands-free with voice assistant
    Connect with a smart speaker for hands-free voice control. Ask ‘how much time is left on the washer’ and the smart speaker will let you know.

    Control and adjust from your phone
    Start your washer via your smart phone with the LG ThinQ® app.

    Monitor from afar
    Check the status of the washer, download new cycles, or monitor energy usage with LG ThinQ®.

    A Large Lint Filter to Help Keep the Tub and Your Clothes Clean
    A large lint filter helps to keep your laundry and drum clean by catching the dust and dirt that come off your clothes during a wash.

    Inverter Direct Drive Motor
    Delivers a reliable, quiet and durable mechanism with less moving parts

    Quiet Performer
    The horizontal and vertical dampers in conjunction with the sensor help to deliver a quiet wash.

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  • $249.00
    • 400W & 2.1 Channels
    • DTS Virtual:X™ for a surround sound-like experience
    • High Resolution Audio for high quality audio
    • AI Sound Pro for automatic audio adjustment
    • Rear Speaker Kit compatible for more sound power
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