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    • Inverter heat pump technology
    • Woolmark Blue certification
    • OptiSense auto program
    • Inverter motor
    • Silk and wool program
    • Extra quick program
    • ProTex drum
    • Reverse tumbling drum action
    • XXL double glazed door
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  • $799.00

    Features & Benefits

    14 Fabric Care Cycles

    • Intuitive controls with clever washing hints help you get
      the best results. Easy to use, the LCD display provides a
      simple interface to select from 14 wash cycles; including
      Allergy, Handwash and Super Quick. The specially designed
      cushioned drum provides a gentle, effective washing
      action protecting clothes while delivering an optimal wash

    ActiveIntelligence™ Technology

    • ActiveIntelligence™ Technology provides ideal wash
      conditions. Intelligent sensors determine load size and soil
      level before dispensing just the right amount of detergent
      and adjusting the wash time for optimal fabric care.

    Detergent Auto Dosing

    • When in Auto Dose mode, just the right amount of liquid
      detergent is dispensed, based on the size and soil level
      of your load, as well as providing the convenience of not
      needing to fill the dispenser at every wash.

    Quick Cycles

    • When time is short, you can select a quick 30 minute wash
      without compromising cleaning and fabric care. Vortex Wash
      allows most cycles to take less than 1 hour to complete.
      Water is forced from the bottom of the drum, so detergent
      and heat reach your clothes faster, cleaning quickly and
      avoiding over-washing.

    Wash Larger Loads

    • The large 12kg drum can wash both small and large loads as
      well as bulky items like a king size feather duvet. The wide
      door opening makes it easy to load and unload. The benefit
      of a large capacity is time saving, as a full week’s laundry
      can be done in just a few loads. Accurate water level sensing
      makes it highly efficient at washing different load sizes.

    Designed To Match

    • The complete package for a beautiful laundry. The
      ActiveIntelligence™ washing machine and 8kg Heat Pump
      Condensing Dryer were designed to match. With outstanding
      aesthetics and complimentary wash and dry cycles, they
      become the perfect pair to deliver complete fabric care

    Wash Features

    • ActiveIntelligence™
    • Add a Garment (immediate door opening)
    • Anti-fungal door gasket
    • Auto out of balance correction
    • Auto-Dosing (Detergent/Softener)
    • Choice of cold only or hot & cold water inlets
    • Customise cycle
    • Delay start
    • Door and gasket flush
    • Eco rinse
    • Excess foam detection
    • Extra large door
    • Extra rinse option
    • Flood protection
    • Interior light
    • Keylock
    • LCD screen
    • Pre Wash
    • SmartTouch™ Control Dial
    • Soak
    • Soil levels 3
    • Spin speeds: No spin, 500, 800, 1100, 1400
    • Stainless steel drum
    • Time Saver
    • Time to go indicator
    • Timed liquid detergent dispensing
    • Water temperature controls: 5
    • Wrinkle free option
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  • Original price was: $3,499.00.Current price is: $1,450.00.
    • TWINWash®
    • 16kg Front Load Washer / 9kg Dryer Combo
    • 2.5kg MiniWasher
    • Pause and Add
    • Inverter Direct Drive Motor
    • True Steam®
    • ● 15 Washing Programs
    • ● Drum Light

      ● 6 Motion Wash Technology
      ● Inverter Direct Drive Motor

    • ● Variable Spin Speed: 1000/800/600/400/No Spin
    • ● Variable Temperature (°C): Cold / 30 / 40 / 60 / 95
    • ● Auto Balance
    • 2.5kg Mini Washer
      ● Cold water wash only
    • ● 6 Mini Washer Programs: Light Soil, Active Wear, Speed Wash, Rinse & Spin, Hand Wash and Tub Clean
    • ● Extra Rinse and Child Lock
    • ● 3 Motion Wash Technology
    • ● Inverter Direct Drive Motor
    • ● Connection:Single cold water tap, single drain point but needs 2x power points for any twin wash.
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  • $850.00

    A.I. Direct-Drive for Intelligent Fabric Care
    A.I. technology is used to assess weight and fabric softness, automatically selecting the optimal washing pattern for intelligent fabric care.

    Turbo Clean 360®
    With 4 water jets operated during the wash and rinse, this machine can wash a half load in only 39 minutes^.
    ^Lightly soiled, half load maximum.

    Allergy Care and Steam+ Cycles
    With a press of a button, add steam to selected cycles to open up fibres and assist in reduction of common household allergens.

    Inverter Direct-Drive Motor
    Less moving parts, less vibration & more durability than conventional LG belt and pulley motors.

    Key Features

    12kg Washer capacity

    A.I Direct Drive

    TurboClean 360 (Half Load in 39 mins)

    Allergy Care with Steam + Cycles

    Inverter Direct Drive Motor

    Tempered Glass Door

    Smart-ThinQ with WiFi*

    4.5 Star water rating

    5 Star energy rating

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