Factory 2nd Appliances Condition

Factory 2nd appliances are basically units which are cosmetically damaged during any circumstances such as; in warehousing, during transportation, delivery or installation , these units are used for testing purposes only, not refurbished or reconditioned, not used in any household environment. There will be a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer service team or Go Get Appliances service team . Factory 2nd Items may have minor scratches or dents. They are 100% functional and tested before, and work like a brand new product. If actual images are not attached in the listing, you will be provided with the images of the actual unit that you will receive after receiving the order.

Please feel free to go ahead with the order, We are not processing card payments on our website, Someone from our friendly team will reach you soon with actual images of the unit after receiving the order, once you provide the confirmation, a delivery or pickup can be organised in 0-3 business days. You can pay via afterbay if cosmetic damage does not matter to you.